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Global Affairs: Introduction

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Degree Programs Offered

Global Affairs


Combined Degree Programs

Collaborative Specializations

The following collaborative specializations are available to students in participating degree programs as listed below:

  1. Contemporary East and Southeast Asian Studies
    • Global Affairs, MGA
  2. Environmental ​Studies
    • Global Affairs, MGA
  3. ​​​Ethnic and Pluralism Studies
    • Global Affairs, MGA


The ​Master of Global Affairs (MGA) will equip students with a sophisticated understanding of the larger political, economic, and social contexts of global affairs and with the skills necessary to work strategically and effectively within the evolving global system. The MGA integrates the study of global institutions, global civil society, and the global economy and markets into the same program, and requires that students learn about each area and about the interconnections between them. In offering a curriculum that provides both breadth and depth, the MGA draws on the scholarly strength of faculty from a range of disciplines and subject areas.

Contact and Address

Telephone: (416) 946-8917
Fax: (416) 946-8915

Munk School of Global Affairs
University of Toronto
315 Bloor Street West
Toronto, Ontario M5S 0A7

Global Affairs: Graduate Faculty

Full Members

Bernstein, Steven - PhD
Bertoldi, Nancy - BA, MA, PhD
Breznitz, Dan - BA, PhD
Brunnée, Jutta - LLM, SJD, Metcalf Chair in Environmental Law
Cameron, David - PhD, FRSC
Deibert, Ronald - BA, MA, PhD
Friedmann, Harriet - AB, MA, PhD
Goh, M Cynthia - PhD
Hoffmann, Matthew - BSc, PhD
Kirton, John - BA, MA, PhD
Kohler, Jillian - BA, MA, PhD
Levi, Ron - BCL, LLB, LLM, SJD
McGahan, Anita - BA, MA, MBA, PhD
Mundy, Karen - BA, MA, PhD
Nevitte, Neil - BA, MA, PhD, FRSC
Orbinski, James - BSc, MA, MD
Pauly, Louis - BA, MA, MSc, MSc, PhD, CRC, FRSC
Polanyi, John - MSc, PhD, DSc, FRSC, FRS
Pruessen, Ronald - BA, MA, PhD
Reitz, Jeffrey - PhD
Robinson, John - BA, BA, MES, MES, PhD, PhD
Shachar, Ayelet - LLB, BA, LLM, SJD
Stein, Janice - BA, MA, PhD, OC, FRSC
Toope, Stephen - BCL, LLB, PhD
Vipond, Robert - BA, MA, AM, PhD
Wark, Wesley - BA, BA, MA, PhD
Wolfe, David - BA, MA, PhD
Wong, Joseph - BA, MA, PhD, CRC

Associate Members

Breznitz, Shiri - BA, MA, PhD
Hejazi, Walid - BA, MA, PhD
Lindsay, Jon - BS, MS, PhD
Manger, Mark - DrRerPol

Global Affairs: Global Affairs MGA

​Master of Global Affairs​

Program Description

The Master of Global Affairs (MGA) is a two-year professional program, consisting of four sessions of coursework and a compulsory summer internship. The purpose of this program is to provide an outstanding professional, multidisciplinary education to train the next generation of global leaders of international institutions, global civil society, and business.


Minimum Admission Requirements

  • Applicants are required to meet the General Regulations of the School of Graduate Studies. Applicants must also satisfy the Munk School's additional admission requirements stated below.

  • An appropriate bachelor's degree with a minimum standing in the final year equivalent to at least a University of Toronto B+.

  • Open to all disciplinary backgrounds.

Program Requirements

  • This is a two-year program taken on a full-time basis over 20 consecutive months.

  • Students must complete 8.0 full-course equivalents (FCEs), as follows:

    • ​​​4.0 FCE core courses in Year 1 (eight half-course equivalents)

    • 0.5 FCE GLA 1007H Global Internship in the Summer session between Years 1 and 2

    • 1.0 FCE core courses in Year 2: GLA 2000H Capstone Seminar and GLA 1009H Financial Management for Global Organizations

    • additional 2.5 FCEs in Year 2 (five half courses) at the 2000 level from the Munk School of Global Affairs.

  • Students lacking a background in microeconomics are required to take GLA 1010H Microeconomics for Global Affairs in the first session of Year 1.

Program Length

5 sessions full-time (typical registration sequence: F/W/S/F/W)

Time Limit

3 years full-time

Global Affairs: Global Affairs MGA Courses

Year 1

Core Courses (Required)

​GLA 100​1H
Macro and International Economics​
​GLA 1002H
Global Civil Society​
​GLA 1003H
​Global Security
​GLA 1004H
​Global Policy Analysis
​GLA 1005H
​Decision Making and Strategic Thinking in the Global System
​GLA 1006H
Public International Law​
​GLA 1011H
Global Innovation​ Policy
​​GLA 1012H
​Data and Analytics

Summer Course (Required)

GLA 1007H
​ Global Internship

Background Courses (Required for Students Without a Microeconomics Background)

GLA 1010H
Microeconomics for Global Affairs

Year 2

Core Courses (Required)

​GLA 1009H​
Financial Management for Global Organizations (not required for students in the Combined Degree Program: Management, MBA / MGA)
​GLA 2000H​
Capstone Seminar (CR/NCR)

Elective Courses (Subject to Change)

​GLA 2001H
​Global Cap​ital Markets and Global Strategies
​GLA 2002H
​Development Policy and Change
​GLA 2003H
Global Governance​
​GLA 2005H
​Negotiating Internationally
​GLA 2006H
The Global Political Economy of Finance and Investment​
GLA 2007H Global Affairs Externship (Credit/No Credit)
​GLA 2009H
The Political Economy of Global Cities​
​GLA 2010H
Geopolitics of Cyberspace​
​GLA 2012H
The Global Political Economy of Trade​
​GLA 2013H
Topics in Global Violence​
​GLA 2014H
Innovation and Economic Development​
​GLA 2015H
​Economic Competitiveness and Social Protection
​GLA 2016H
​Global Legal Strategy
​GLA 2018H
​Innovation and the City
​GLA 2021H
​Innovation, Institutions, Governments, and Growth
​GLA 2022H
​Global Institutions and Diplomacy
​GLA 2025H
Global Affairs Lab​
​GLA 2026H
Global Affairs Lab II​
​GLA 2050H
Selected Topics in International Studies​
​GLA 2051H
Global Violence​
​GLA 2055H
​International Law and International Relations Law Journal Reading Course (Credit/No Credit)
GLA 2080H​
Topics in Global Innovation I​
​GLA 2090H
Topics in Global Affairs I​
​GLA 2091H
​Topics in Global Affairs II
​GLA 2092H
​Topics in Global Affairs III​
​GLA 2093H​
​Topics in Global Affairs IV​
​GLA 2095​H
​MGA Reading Course
​GLA 2096H
​Topics in Global Affairs V
​GLA 2097H
Topics in Global Affairs VI​
​GLA 2098H
Topics in Global Affairs VII​
​GLA 2555H
​Intensive Course in Innovation Policy I
​GLA 2556H
​Intensive Course in Innovation Policy II
​GLA 2557H
​Intensive Course in Innovation Policy III​
​GLA 2888H
MGA Research Paper​
​GLA 2999H
Global Problem Solving: Laboratory Opportunities (exclusion: GLA 2999Y)​
​JCR 1000Y
An Interdisciplinary Approach to Addressing Global Challenges​
​JMG 2020H
Big Data​
​JSE 1708H
​​The Development of Sustainability Thought