Diaspora and Transnational Studies: Master's Level

Admission Requirements

  • Applicants are enrolled in a participating master's degree program in the graduate unit in which the research is conducted, which is known as the participating home graduate unit. The applicant must meet the admission requirements of both the home graduate unit and the collaborative specialization.

Specialization Requirements

  • Students must meet all respective degree requirements of the School of Graduate Studies and the participating unit.

  • Students must meet the requirements of the collaborative specialization as follows:

    • 0.5 full-course equivalent (FCE) seminar in Comparative Research Methods in Diaspora and Transnational Studies (DTS). As part of the Research Methods seminar, students are required to submit an ethnographic, archival, or documentary paper on a diasporic community in Toronto or elsewhere.

    • 0.5 FCE DTS topics course (DTS 2000H); course theme to be decided each year by the collaborative specialization committee. With the approval of the collaborative specialization director, a student may substitute a course from their home graduate unit for the DTS topics course.

    • The DTS collaborative components may be taken as electives for the purpose of satisfying home unit requirements.

    • If the student undertakes a major paper or thesis in their home unit, this will be on a topic in diaspora and transnational studies, approved by the collaborative specialization committee.