Engineering Education: Master's Level

Admission Requirements

  • Applicants to the collaborative specialization must apply to and be admitted to both the collaborative specialization and a graduate degree program in one of the collaborating graduate units.

  • Applicants to the collaborative specialization must submit the following:

    • ​​curriculum vitae (CV)

    • personal statement explaining how the proposed plan of study and specific research interests relate to engineering education

    • letter of recommendation from a faculty member confirming their willingness to supervise and support the student’s research and outlining why the student would be well suited for the Engineering Education Collaborative Specialization.

Specialization Requirements

Students must meet all respective degree requirements of the School of Graduate Studies, the participating home graduate unit, and the collaborative specialization. Collaborative specialization students must:

  • Complete a total of 0.5 full-course equivalent (FCE) as follows:

    • ​​​the core course APS 1204H Instructional Design in Engineering Education.

  • Participate continuously in a seminar series (CR/NCR) APS 1205Y Engineering Education Research Seminar.

  • Undertake the major paper or thesis required by the home degree program with a focus on engineering education under the supervision of a collaborative specialization core faculty member.