Sexual Diversity Studies: Doctoral Level

Admission Requirements

  • Each graduate student in the collaborative specialization shall be enrolled in a participating degree program in the graduate unit where the research is conducted, which is known as the home graduate unit. The student shall meet the admission requirements of both the home graduate unit and the collaborative specialization.

Specialization Requirements

  • Students must meet all respective degree requirements of the School of Graduate Studies and the participating graduate unit; and meet the requirements of the collaborative specialization as follows:

    • ​​​​0.5 FCE core course in Sexual Diversity Studies (SDS 1000H)

    • 0.5 FCE in other courses with substantial treatment of sexual diversity

    • thesis or major research paper (if applicable) must be on a sexual diversity studies topic.

  • Doctoral students in the program who have completed the collaborative specialization at the master's level will not be required to repeat SDS 1000H. All course selection for the additional 0.5 FCE must be approved by the collaborative specialization director.

  • The doctoral thesis committee should include at least one faculty member associated with Sexual Diversity Studies. In most cases, the supervisor would be associated with Sexual Diversity Studies, though in some cases, the student's particular analytical perspective will suggest another faculty member in her or his discipline.

  • The student's course of study and overall progress will be reviewed annually by the collaborative specialization director, though ultimate responsibility for the student's progress will remain with the graduate chair of the home program.