Aerospace Studies: Aerospace Science and Engineering: MEng, MASc, PhD Courses

This list represents course offerings at the time of publication. Course descriptions are available on the UTIAS website. Courses marked (PR) have prerequisites.

Aircraft Flight Systems

​AER 050​​3H
​AER 1202H
​Advanced Flight Dynamics
​AER 1211H
Human Control of Flight Systems​
​​​​AER 1216H
Fundamentals of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles​
AER 1217H
Development of Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Systems (prerequisite: AER 1216H)

Aerodynamics, Fluid Dynamics, and Propulsion

​AER 0510H​
Aerospace Propulsion​
​AER 1301H
Kinetic Theory of Gases​
​AER 1303H
Advanced Fluid Mechanics (PR)​
​AER 1304H
​Fundamentals of Combustion
​AER 1306H
Special Topics in Reacting Flows​
​AER 1308H
Introduction to Modern Flow Control​
​AER 1310H
​Turbulence Modelling
​AER 1311H
Unsteady Gasdynamics​
​AER 1316H
​Fundamentals of Computational Fluid Dynamics​
​AER 1318H
​Topics in Computational Fluid Dynamics
​AER 1319H
​Finite Volume Methods for Computational Fluid Dynamics
​AER 1322H
​Modern Aircraft Propulsion (prerequisite: AER 0510 or equivalent; undergraduate-level training in compressible flow)
​AER 1324H
Introduction to Turbulence (exclusion: MIE 1207H)
AER 1326H

Structures and Multidisciplinary Optimization

​AER​ 0501H
Advanced Mechanics of Structures​
​AER 1403H
Advanced Aerospace Structures (PR)​
AER 1410H
Topology Optimization
​AER 1415H
​Computational Optimization
​AER 1416H
Numerical Methods for Uncertainty Quant​ification​
​AER 1418H
Variational Methods for Partial Differential Equations

Sustainable Aviation

​AER 1315H
Sustainable Aviation

Robotics and Space Systems Engineering

​AER 0506H​
Spacecraft Dynamics and Control I​​
​​AER 0521H
​Mobile Robotics and Perception​
​AER 0525H
​AER 1503H
Spacecraft Dynamics and Control II​
​AER 1512H
Multibody Dynamics​
​AER 1513H
​State Estimation for Aerospace Vehicles
​AER 1515H
Perception for Robotics (exclusions: AER 1514H, ROB 1514H)​
AER 1516H Robot Motion Planning
AER 1517H Control for Robotics
​AER 1520H
​Microsatellite Design I
​AER 1521H
Microsatellite Design II​
ROB 1514H
Mobile Robotics​

Management and Policy

​AER 1601H
Aerospace Engineering and Operations Management
AER 1604H
Air Accident Investigation

Engineering Physics

​AER 0​507H
Introduction to Fusion Energy​
​AER 1717H
Applied Plasma Physics I (reading course)​

Research Seminars and Professional Courses

​AER 1800H
​Research Seminar in Aerospace Science and Engineering (for first-year MASc students only)​
​AER 1810H
​MEng Project (for MEng students only)
​JDE 1000H
​​​Ethics in Research (Students registered in the MASc or PhD programs are required to participate in this non-credit seminar course during their first or second session of registration. This course must be completed in order to graduate.)​

Reading Courses

​AER 1820H
​Directed Reading in Aerospace Studies​

APS Engineering Course

​APS 1012H
Managing Business Innovation and Transformational Change