Financial Support

15.1 Graduate Funding

The University of Toronto gives high priority to graduate financial support. For doctoral-stream students in the funded cohort, graduate units provide base funding at the beginning of each year. Students in professional-stream graduate programs typically self-fund their education and rely on student loans and lines of credit. Students may be eligible for a limited number of graduate awards available through their graduate units and various external agencies. For more information about graduate funding and award opportunities for graduate students, visit the Awards and Funding section of the SGS website.

Students are encouraged to contact their graduate unit or the SGS Graduate Awards Office for information about financial assistance.

15.2 Admission Awards

SGS administers a number of awards to meritorious incoming graduate students. During the admissions process, students may automatically be considered and nominated by their home graduate unit for some awards while other awards require an application. For more information on admission awards, visit the Admission Awards section of the SGS website.

15.3 Graduate Awards

SGS administers many awards from sources internal and external to the University of Toronto (e.g., awards established through SGS, federal, provincial, and external agencies). Some competitions require that the student’s application be submitted to the graduate unit or to SGS for consideration, while other applications must be sent directly to the awarding institution.

Current award opportunities with detailed information for applicants are identified in the Awards and Funding section of the SGS website.

15.4 Awards for International Students

In addition to any internal departmental funding that may be available to international students in the funded cohort, there are a number of other funding sources listed on the SGS website. International students are also encouraged to investigate and apply for all possible funding opportunities provided by their home country. For more information on these awards and other funding opportunities, visit the International Awards section of the SGS website.

15.5 Government Student Assistance Program and Financial Aid

The federal and provincial governments provide financial support to qualified students who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents. The loan and grant amounts depend on a student's assessed financial need. Information on the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) and other government aid is available on the U of T Enrolment Services’ web page. Students who receive government loans may also qualify for the University of Toronto Advance Planning for Students (UTAPS) grant.

15.6 Teaching and Research Assistantships

Some graduate units offer teaching and/or research assistantship opportunities as a component or outside a student funding package. Teaching assistants may be assigned teaching tasks such as conducting tutorials, grading undergraduate essays and exams, and acting as a resource for undergraduate students. Research assistants normally work with a faculty member, assisting with research projects.

For more information, contact your graduate unit regarding the application process for these opportunities.

15.7 SGS Financial Aid and Advising Programs

Financial advising is available through SGS to assist students with managing educational expenses, budgeting, and planning. Financial advising staff can provide information and direction on various financial aid programs such as student loans, grants, and other resources available. Graduate students facing sudden and unanticipated financial need may be eligible for SGS emergency financial assistance programs. Financial advising is confidential, free of charge, and normally available in person, by email, or phone, video, and teleconferencing. Visit the Financial Aid and Advising section of the SGS website.

Emergency Grant Program

The SGS Emergency Grant Program assists currently registered, full-time graduate students who encounter a sudden and unanticipated serious financial emergency. This is not considered to be a source of routine or long-term funding or serve to address general unmet need.

Emergency Loan Program

The SGS Emergency Loan Program alleviates temporary cash flow problems for registered graduate students who are expecting to receive a University-issued payment in the near future. The average loan is approximately $1,000 to $1,500, but may be approved for a larger amount. Loans are interest free until the mutually agreed upon repayment date up to 120 days.

Accessibility Grant Program

The Accessibility Grant Program assists currently registered, full-time graduate students with academic accommodations necessary to meet unexpected needs arising from the particular demands of their graduate program. Though students are expected to plan for long-term assistance, the grant can assist with short-term essential educational expenses that are not normally covered by the student, the graduate unit, provincial or federal agencies. Students must apply for this grant through Accessibility Services.


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