PDF Calendar and Archives

Calendars are available as a PDF document.

  • Download and save the PDF to your local computer for easy reference and navigation.
  • Search. To find text, use the shortcut Ctrl F (Windows) or Command F (Mac).
  • Find content by using the bookmark feature (ribbon icon on the left side).
  • Print single or multiple pages by selecting a page or page range.

Amendments are available as a PDF for the 2012-2013 edition and later. A separate file contains all amendments for that academic calendar.

Calendar 2023-2024 (coming soon)
Calendar 2022-2023 and amendments
Calendar 2021-2022 and amendments
Calendar 2020-2021 and amendments
Calendar 2019-2020 and amendments
Calendar 2018-2019 and amendments
Calendar 2017-2018 and amendments
Calendar 2016-2017 and amendments
Calendar 2015-2016 and amendments​
Calendar 2014-2015​ (no amendments for this calendar year)
Calendar 2013-2014​ and amendments​
Calendar 2012-2013 and amendments
Calendar 2011-2012
Calendar 2010-2011
Calendar 2009-2010
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