Graduate Studies at the University of Toronto

Graduate education at U of T takes many forms. The School of Graduate Studies offers over 300 degree programs in more than 80 graduate units (departments, centres, and institutes), and approximately 140 combined degree programs, 70 professional graduate programs, 14 dual degree programs, 3 diploma programs, and 40 collaborative (interdisciplinary) specializations. Most graduate units, while large enough to have a diversity of graduate courses, are small enough to allow students to have a sense of belonging to a recognized community of scholars, colleagues, and associates.

Across these varied programs, our overarching goal is to promote the highest standards in research and scholarship while providing an enriching and personalized student experience. In this, we are guided by the principle of inclusive excellence, which recognizes that diversity — in representation, scholarship, and lived experience — is integral to the excellence we pursue in graduate education. Our students come from all over the world and bring with them a variety of lived experiences and expertise.

Research is central to graduate studies at U of T at both the master’s and doctoral levels. Research-oriented training conveys the importance of keeping pace with the latest thinking in a subject area. It also fosters intellectual curiosity, elicits creative responses to problems, and encourages students to communicate original discoveries effectively. Graduate students in all our programs benefit from research-based training and teaching.

In the process of learning, graduate students come to grips with the phenomenon of emerging knowledge. This process enriches the individual as well as the community participating in the exercise. The training and experience acquired at U of T provide graduate students with the tools to drive change and excel in many fields, whether they are teaching in a university; conducting research in government, industry, or private enterprise; or pursuing a professional career.