Anthropology: Anthropology MA, MSc, PhD Courses

Not all courses are offered every year. Check with the department for the current year’s offerings.


ANT 1096H
Quantitative Methods I
ANT 1099H
Quantitative Methods II
ANT 1155H,Y+
Research (or reading seminar)
ANT 1156H,Y+
Research (or reading seminar)
ANT 1157H,Y+
Research (or reading seminar)
ANT 1158H,Y+
Research (or reading seminar)
ANT 2000Y0
MA Research Paper
ANT 2500Y0
MSc Research Paper
JTH 3000H
Coordinating Seminar in Ethnic and Pluralism Studies (for students in the Ethnic and Pluralism Studies collaborative specialization)

0 Course that may continue over a program. The course is graded when completed.

+ Extended course. For academic reasons, coursework is extended into session following academic session in which course is offered.


JPA 1040Y
Advanced Physics and Archaeology
ANT 4010H
Archaeology in Contemporary Society
ANT 4020H
Archaeology Theory
ANT 4025H
Archaeology of Eastern North America
ANT 4026H
Arctic Archaeology
ANT 4028H
Violence and Civilization
ANT 4030H
ANT 4031H
ANT 4038H
Archaeology of Urban Development
ANT 4039H
Origin and Nature of Food Producing Societies
ANT 4040H
Archaeology of Hunter-Gatherers
ANT 4041H
Landscape Archaeology
ANT 4042H
Archaeology of Complex Hunter-Gatherers
ANT 4043H
Archaeology of Ritual, Religion, and Ideology
ANT 4044H
Interregional Interaction in the Ancient World
ANT 4045H
Mortuary Archaeology
ANT 4046H
Archaeology of Style
ANT 4050H
ANT 4051H
Archaeology and Climate Change
ANT 4059H
Anthropological Understanding of Cultural Transmission
ANT 4060H
Specific Problems I
ANT 4065H
Specific Problems II
ANT 4066H
Household Archaeology
ANT 4068H
Archaeology of Technology
ANT 4069H
Writing Archaeology
ANT 4070H
Archaeologies of Place, Urbanism, and Infrastructures

Evolutionary Anthropology

ANT 3005H
Advanced Topics in Paleoanthropology
ANT 3010H
Human Osteology: Theory and Practice
ANT 3011H
ANT 3031H,Y
Advanced Research Seminar I
ANT 3032H,Y Advanced Research Seminar II
ANT 3033H,Y Advanced Research Seminar III
ANT 3034H,Y+
Advanced Research Seminar IV
ANT 3035H
Primate Sexual Selection
ANT 3041H
Evolutionary Perspectives on Growth and Development
ANT 3042H
Advanced Topics in Primate Ecology
ANT 3043H
Comparative Methods in Biological Anthropology
ANT 3044H
Current Topics in Primate Social Behaviour
ANT 3045H
Advanced Topics in Non-Human Primate Evolution
ANT 3046H
Paleoecology in Primate and Human Evolution
ANT 3047H
Evolutionary Anthropology Theory
ANT 3048H
Primatological Theory and Methods
ANT 3049H
Advanced Seminar in Evolutionary Morphology (prerequisite: ANT 3047H)
ANT 3050H
Species Concepts and Human Evolution
ANT 3438H
Skeletal Trauma and Violence: Theory and Practice
ANT 3439H
Advanced Seminar in Forensic Anthropology
ANT 3440H
Molecular Anthropology: Theory and Practice

+ Extended course. For academic reasons, coursework is extended into session following academic session in which course is offered.

Linguistic and Semiotic Anthropology

JAL 1140H
Special Topics in Anthropology and Linguistics
JAL 1153H
Conversational Structures
JAL 1155H
Language and Gender
ANT 5144H
Foundations in Linguistic Anthropology
ANT 5148H
Language, Ideology and Political Economy
ANT 5150H
Nation, State, and Language in Francophone Canada
ANT 5151H
Metaphor, Language, and Science
JSA 5147H
Language, Nationalism, and Post-Nationalism

Medical Anthropology

ANT 7001H
Medical Anthropology I
ANT 7002H
Medical Anthropology II
ANT 7003H
Global Health: Anthropological Perspectives

Sociocultural Anthropology

ANT 6003H
Critical Issues in Ethnography I
ANT 6004H
Critical Issues in Ethnography II
ANT 6005H
The Politics of Distribution: Work, Welfare and Abandonment in Precarious Times
ANT 6006H
Genealogies of Anthropological Thought
ANT 6007H
Magic, Science, and Religion
ANT 6008H
Anthropology Beyond the Human
ANT 6010H
Anthropology of Korea: History and Dialogues with Other Disciplines within Korean Studies
ANT 6014H
Media and Mediation
ANT 6017H
Post-colonial Science Studies and the Cultural Politics of Knowledge Translation
ANT 6018H
Approaches to Nature and Culture
ANT 6019H
Anthropology of Neoliberalism
ANT 6021H
Political Anthropology: State, Power, and Sovereignty
ANT 6022H
Symbolic Anthropology: Structuralism, Hermeneutics, and Poststructuralism
ANT 6025H
Anthropology and Epistemology
ANT 6027H
Anthropology of Violence
ANT 6029H
Anthropology of Capitalism
ANT 6030H
Anthropology and the Ethical Imagination
ANT 6031H,Y
Advanced Research Seminar I
ANT 6032H
Advanced Research Seminar II
ANT 6032Y
Advanced Research Seminar
ANT 6033H,Y
Advanced Research Seminar III
ANT 6034H,Y
Advanced Research Seminar IV
ANT 6035H
Advanced Research Seminar
ANT 6036H
Advanced Research Seminar
ANT 6037H,Y
Advanced Research Seminar VII
ANT 6038H,Y+
Advanced Research Seminar VIII
ANT 6040H
Research Design and Fieldwork Methods
ANT 6050H
Reading Course
ANT 6055H
Anthropology of Subjectivity and Personhood
ANT 6056H
Decolonizing Diversity Discourse: Critical and Comparative Accounts of Multiculturalism and Settler Colonialism
ANT 6057H
Anthropology and Literature
ANT 6058H
Anthropology of Normativity
ANT 6059H
Anthropology and History
ANT 6060H
Anthropology and Indigenous Studies in North America
ANT 6061H
Anthropology of Sexuality and Gender
ANT 6062H Disability Anthropology
ANT 6063H Anthropology of Infrastructures
ANT 6064H Evidence and Uncertainty: The Politics of Law and Science
ANT 6100H
History of Anthropological Thought
ANT 6150H
Proposing Ethnographic Research
ANT 6200H
Ethnographic Practicum

+ Extended course. For academic reasons, coursework is extended into session following academic session in which course is offered.