APHD: Counselling Psychology MEd; Field: Global Mental Health and Counselling Psychology

Master of Education

Program Description

The field in Global Mental Health and Counselling Psychology, within the Counselling Psychology MEd degree program, provides individuals with the opportunity to learn and develop skills appropriate for the field of mental health and counselling psychology in international contexts. Students will be prepared to work in a variety of global applied settings with a focus on mental health. This degree program is ideally suited to students interested in an international perspective of mental health and counselling. This degree is cohort based and is offered full-time only.

Minimum Admission Requirements

  • Applicants are admitted under the General Regulations of the School of Graduate Studies. Applicants must also satisfy the additional admission requirements of the Department of Applied Psychology and Human Development stated below.

  • An appropriate bachelor's degree, with a grade equivalent to a University of Toronto B+ or better in the final year, from a recognized university.

  • At least one year of relevant counselling-related experience.

  • Two letters of reference.

  • Normally, an interview is required prior to admission.

Program Requirements

  • Coursework. Students must complete 5.0 full-course equivalents (FCEs) as follows:

    • APD1219H Ethical Issues in Professional Practice in Psychology and Psychotherapy (0.5 FCE).

    • APD1228H Couples Counselling (0.5 FCE).

    • APD1245H Brief Strategies in Counselling and Psychotherapy (0.5 FCE).

    • APD1278H Cognitive Therapy (0.5 FCE).

    • APD1282H Introduction to Global Mental Health and Counselling Psychology (0.5 FCE).

    • APD1283H Peer and Video-Based Counselling with Practicum Field-Based Learning in Global Mental Health (0.5 FCE).

    • APD1902H Theories and Techniques of Counselling in a Global Context (0.5 FCE).

    • APD2293H Interpretation of Educational Research (0.5 FCE).

    • APD5000H Special Topics in Applied Psychology and Human Development: Master's Level (0.5 FCE).

    • In consultation with the program chair, students will take APD1268H Career Counselling and Development: Transitions in Adulthood, APD1291H Addictive Behaviours: Approaches to Assessment and Intervention, or another elective.

Program Length

4 sessions full-time (typical registration sequence: F/W/S/F)

Time Limit

3 years full-time