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Editing Medieval Texts

Editing Medieval Texts: Introduction

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Participating Degree Programs

Italian Studies—PhD
Medieval Studies—PhD


The Collaborative Specialization in Editing Medieval Texts offers intensive training in the editing of medieval Latin and vernacular texts, including music. Training in all areas is based on a sound knowledge of Latin, a facility in examining manuscript documents, and an understanding of the principles of editorial method.

Students can choose to focus on editing texts in Latin, texts in Old and Middle English, or texts in other vernacular languages. Students complete a series of courses that deal with the techniques of reading, transcribing, and editing manuscripts, an​d then complete an editorial project. Upon successful completion of the PhD requirements of the participating home department and the collaborative specialization, students receive the notation “Completed Collaborative Specialization in Editing Medieval Texts” on their transcript and parchment.

Contact and Address

Telephone: (416) 978-4884
Fax: (416) 978-8294

Collaborative Specialization in Editing Medieval Texts
Centre for Medieval Studies
University of Toronto
3rd Floor, 125 Queen's Park
Toronto, Ontario M5S 2C7

Editing Medieval Texts: Doctoral Level

Admission Requirements

  • The Collaborative Specialization in Editing Medieval Texts is only available to doctoral students in one of the collaborating departments.

  • Students who wish to be admitted to the collaborative specialization must have passed the Centre for Medieval Studies' Level One Latin examination.

Specialization Requirements

  • 1.0 full-course equivalent (FCE): MST 1104H and either MST 1105H or MST 1115H.

  • 1.0 FCE chosen from MST 1101H, MST 1107H, MST 1110H, MST 1113H, MST 1384H, ENG 1093H, or another approved course.

  • An approved editorial project, which can be a paper for a course in any of the collaborating departments, an independent publishable project, or the student's dissertation.

Editing Medieval Texts: Courses

Courses marked (PR) have prerequisites; further information may be obtained from the Centre of Medieval Studies' website.


ENG 1093H
The Medieval Vernacular Book

Italian Studies

ITA 1165H
Introduction to Italian Philology
ITA 1170H
Textual Criticism and the Editing of Early Italian Texts

Medieval Studies

MST 1000Y
Introductory Medieval Latin
MST 1101H
Codicology (PR)
MST 1104H
Latin Palaeography I (PR)
MST 1105H
Latin Palaeography II (PR)
MST 1107H
Latin Textual Criticism (PR)
MST 1110H
Diplomatics and Diplomatic Editing (PR)
MST 1113H
Vernacular Text-Editing: A Collaborative Project
MST 1115H
English Palaeography (PR)
MST 1384H
The Exeter Book of Old English Verse (PR)
MST 1392H
Editing and Appreciating Wulfstan's Prose (PR)
MST 3230H
The Common Law of Medieval Europe