Health Care, Technology, and Place

Health Care, Technology, and Place: Introduction

Effective September 2015, admissions to this collaborative specialization have closed.

Lead Faculty of the Collaborative Specialization


Participating Degree Programs

Biomedical Engineering — PhD
Health Policy, Management and Evaluation — PhD
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering — PhD
Medical Science — PhD
Pharmaceutical Sciences — PhD
Public Health Sciences — PhD
Rehabilitation Sciences — PhD
Social Work — PhD


The graduate programs listed above participate in the Collaborative Doctoral Specialization in Health Care, Technology, and Place (HCTP). The objectives of this collaborative specialization are to:

  • Prepare doctoral students to understand, explain, and improve health outcomes associated with technologically mediated health care.

  • Bridge knowledge gaps among doctoral students working in the life sciences, physical sciences, social sciences, and humanities who are concerned with innovative technologies, diverse settings, and complex work and personal practices of modern health in Canada.

  • Provide mentorship in interdisciplinary research and scholarship, including leadership skills, negotiation and collaboration, grant writing, and knowledge transfer. Ultimately, the goal is to facilitate research conducted by scientifically informed humanists and philosophically informed physical and social scientists.

Students who wish to enrol in the collaborative specialization must apply to and be admitted to both the collaborative specialization and a graduate degree program in one of the collaborating graduate units. Applicants may apply concurrently to the participating home graduate unit and to the HCTP collaborative specialization. Students follow a course of study acceptable to both the home unit and the HCTP collaborative specialization.

Upon successful completion of the PhD degree requirements of the participating home graduate unit and the collaborative specialization, students will receive the notation “Completed Collaborative Specialization in Health Care, Technology, and Place” on their transcript.

Contact and Address

Telephone: (416) 978-2067
Fax: (416) 978-7350

Collaborative Doctoral Specialization in Health Care, Technology, and Place
University of Toronto
Suite 425, 155 College Street
Toronto, Ontario M5T 3M6

Health Care, Technology, and Place: Doctoral Level

Admission Requirements

  • Applicants must apply to a participating graduate unit and comply with the admission procedures of that unit.

  • Applicants must forward the following to the HCTP collaborative specialization committee:

    • a copy of the School of Graduate Studies application form submitted to the participating graduate unit;

    • copies of official undergraduate and graduate transcripts from all institutions previously or currently attended, which should reflect a minimum 3.5 GPA (A-);

    • a resumé or curriculum vitae (CV);

    • a research plan (maximum 800 words) summarizing research goals and past research experience, the relevance of the HCTP specialization to this plan, and justification for the identified HCTP project mentor;

    • two confidential letters of recommendation from scholars familiar with the applicant's research background and aptitude for the interdisciplinary study;

    • a confidential letter from an HCTP mentor providing: formal agreement to participate on the applicant's dissertation committee; and commentary written for reviewers outside the discipline, evaluating the applicant's level of achievement relative to peers in the same discipline, the objectives and methods of the proposed program of research, and the relative merit of such research within the applicant's home discipline.

Specialization Requirements

  • At least 0.5 full-course equivalent (FCE), selected from the list of core courses.

  • Students must attend the monthly seminar series (SRD4444H [CR/NCR]), during their involvement with HCTP.

  • Students must participate in at least one Annual Interdisciplinary Research Workshop.

  • Completion of a dissertation under the supervision of a core faculty member in the student's home graduate unit. The dissertation must address the theme of health care, technology, and place.

  • It is the objective of this collaborative specialization to enrich the PhD experience without unduly extending the duration of students' graduate education. Every student enrolled in the collaborative doctoral specialization must complete the requirements of the collaborative specialization and the requirements of the doctoral program in their home graduate unit. It will be up to each participating home graduate unit to determine whether HCTP courses are completed in addition to the graduate unit's customary course requirements or as a part of those requirements.

Health Care, Technology, and Place: Courses

Core Courses

Course Code Course Title
Health Care Settings, Sites, and Human Well-Being
The Body, Health Care, Technology, and Place
Technology and Place in Contemporary Health Care Work