Law, Juris Doctor / Master of Global Affairs

JD / MGA: Introduction


The Combined Degree Program (CDP) in Law, Juris Doctor / Master of Global Affairs is designed for students interest​e​d in studying the intersections of law and global affairs. The CDP permits the completion of both degrees in four years rather than the five years it would take to acquire them independently.

For a general description of CDPs, see General Regulations section 1.4.3.


Law, Juris Doctor / Master of Global Affairs​

Juris Doctor Progra​m​
Faculty of Law

Master of Global Affairs Program
Munk School of Global Affairs

JD / MGA: Application Process

  • ​Applicants must apply to the Juris Doctor (JD) program, the ​Master of Global Affairs (MGA) program, and the CDP.

  • Applicants must gain independent admission to the JD and MGA programs before they may be considered for admission to the CDP. Applicants may also apply to the CDP while they are in Year 1 of the JD program or Year 1 of the MGA program.​

JD / MGA: Requirements

Minimum Admission Requirements

  • Applicants must meet the admission requirements of the JD program, the School of Graduate Studies, and the MGA program.

  • Please see the contact information ​to find details on each program’s admission requirements.​

Academic Path to Completion

Every CDP involves a specific combination of approved degree programs. The CDP requirements build on those of the two separate degree programs. Each CDP has a unique pattern of academic activity year by year.



​​Specific Requirements

  • Year 1 JD program requirements.​
  • ​Complete all Year 1 courses of the JD program at the Faculty of Law.
  • ​Year 1 MGA program requirements.
  • Required law course.
  • ​Complete required Year 1 MGA courses as follows: GLA 1001H, GLA 1002H, GLA 1003H, GLA 1004H, GLA 1005H, GLA 1011H, GLA1012H.
  • Complete LAW 252H1 (0.5 full-course equivalent [FCE]) which will count towards the MGA program requirements. This course is graded on the graduate scale.
  • In the Summer session between Years 2 and 3, complete GLA 1007H Global Internship.
​3 and 4
  • MGA courses.
  • JD credits.​
  • ​Complete 2.5 FCEs in 2000-level elective MGA courses.
  • Complete the required Year 2 courses GLA 2000H (0.5 FCE) and GLA 1009H (0.5 FCE).
  • Complete 41 to 45 JD credits including all upper-year course requirements. At least 6 credits must be in the area of international law.

Program Length

​4 years

Time Limit

5 years