Medicine, Doctor of / Doctor of Philosophy

MD / PhD: Introduction


The Combined Degree Program (CDP): Medicine, Doctor of / Doctor of Philosophy is offered jointly by the Temerty Faculty of Medicine and the School of Graduate Studies. Selected and highly qualified students have the opportunity to combine their medical school experience with intensive scientific training in a chosen field. Students in this program are eligible for financial support.

Students carry out research under the supervision of a faculty member at the University and should consult the appropriate department or institute regarding specific research programs.

For a general description of CDPs, see General Regulations section 1.4.3.

Degree Programs in This Combination

Students may combine the MD program with one of the following PhD programs:

Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology
Medical Biophysics
Medical Science
Molecular Genetics
Nutritional Sciences


Doctor of Medicine / Doctor of Philosophy Program
Temerty Faculty of Medicine

MD / PhD: Requirements

Minimum Admission Requirements

  • Applicants must be accepted by the Temerty Faculty of Medicine and meet the requirements of the School of Graduate Studies and the department in which they intend to carry out their graduate studies.

  • Students with a master's degree and medical students are eligible to apply.

Program Requirements

  • Applicants may pursue the dual degrees via an integrated or a sequential route.

  • Integrated: Students with a master's or bachelor's degree enter the MD/PhD program and, within a six- to seven-year period, complete the requirements of the first two years of the MD program and all requirements of the PhD program. During this time, a predetermined program of integration is pursued which provides time allocation for both medical school and graduate study. On completion of the PhD requirements, students return full-time to the medical program.

  • Sequential: Students with a master's or bachelor's degree enter the medical program on a full-time basis. After 12 to 18 months of medical school, they proceed to full-time graduate work until the PhD requirements are completed. Students then return to medical school to complete the last 2 to 3 years.