STG, Law, Juris Doctor / Master of Information

STG JD / MI: Introduction


The Combined Degree Program (CDP): STG, Law, Juris Doctor / Master of Information is designed for students who wish to combine graduate training in information with a degree in law. The CDP permits completion of both degrees in four years rather than the five years it would take to acquire them independently.

For a general description of CDPs, see General Regulations section 1.4.3.


Law, Juris Doctor / Master of Information

Juris Doctor Program
Faculty of Law

Master of Information Program
Faculty of Information

STG JD / MI: Application Process

  • Applicants must gain independent admission to both the Juris Doctor (JD) and Master of Information (MI) programs before they may be considered for admission to the CDP.

  • Applicants admitted to both the JD and MI must inform both programs of their status and request admission to the CDP.

    • Applicants may also be considered for the CDP while they are in Year 1 of either the JD or the MI program. Interested students should contact their home Faculty about this before applying to the CDP.

STG JD / MI: Requirements

Minimum Admission Requirements

  • Applicants must meet the admission requirements of the JD program, the School of Graduate Studies, and the MI program.

Academic Path to Completion

Every CDP involves a specific combination of approved degree programs. The CDP requirements build on those of the two separate degree programs. Each CDP has a unique pattern of academic activity year by year.

Year Progression Specific Requirements
  • JD program requirements.
  • Complete all Year 1 courses of the JD program at the Faculty of Law
  • MI program requirements.
3 and 4
  • JD program requirements.

  • MI program requirements.

  • Complete 45 JD credits including a moot, an extended paper, a perspective course, and an international/comparative/transnational (ICT) course.

  • Complete the remaining 4.0 FCEs in the MI program.