Psychology: Introduction

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Arts and Science

Degree Programs


MA and PhD

Note: admissions to the MA program have been administratively suspended.

Collaborative Specializations

The following collaborative specializations are available to students in participating degree programs as listed below:


Graduate training in psychology stresses training in general experimental psychology. Areas of specialization include the following:

  • Behavioural Neuroscience
  • Perception, Cognition, and Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Developmental
  • Social and Personality.

Contact and Address

Telephone: (416) 978-3404

Department of Psychology Graduate Studies
University of Toronto
Sidney Smith Hall, 100 St. George Street, Room 4034
Toronto, Ontario M5S 3G3

Psychology: Graduate Faculty

Full Members

Addis, Donna Rose - PhD
Andersen, Judith - BSc, MA, PhD
Anderson, Nicole - BA, MA, PhD (Graduate Director)
Bagby, Michael - BA, MA, PhD, PhD
Barense, Morgan - BA, PhD
Bernhardt-Walther, Dirk - BSc, MPH, PhD
Buchsbaum, Daphna - AB, MA, MSc, PhD
Campos, Jennifer - BA, PhD
Cant, Jonathan - BA, MS, MedScD
Carlson, Erika Nicole - BS, MA, MA, PhD
Chambers, Craig - BA, MA, MA, PhD
Chasteen, Alison - BA, PhD (Graduate Chair)
Chung, Joanne Mee Hae - BA, BA, MA, PhD
Cirelli, Laura - BA, PhD
Cohn, Melanie - BA, MA, PhD
Corbit, Laura - PhD
Cree, George Scott - BA, MA, PhD
Cunningham, John - BSc, MA, PhD
Cunningham, William - BA, MPH, MS, MA, PhD
Cupchik, Gerald Chaim - BA, MA, PhD
Daneman, Meredyth - BA, MA, PhD
Dion, Karen - BA, PhD
Duncan, Katherine - BS, PhD
Einstein, Gillian - AB, PhD
Erb, Suzanne - BSc, MA, PhD
Farb, Norman - BA, MA, PhD
Ferber, Susanne - MPsy, PhD
Finn, Amy - BA, PhD
Ford, Brett Quaid - MA, PhD
Fournier, Marc - BA, PhD
Gerlai, Robert - MSc, PhD
Gilboa, Asaf - BA, MA, PhD
Goghari, Vina - BA, MA, PhD
Grady, Cheryl - BA, MA, PhD
Haley, David - BA, MA, PhD
Helwig, Charles - BA, PhD
Hendershot, Christian - PhD
Herrmann, Bjorn - PhD
Holmes, Melissa - BA, MA, PhD
Hutcherson, Cendri Anne Claire - BA, PhD
Impett, Emily - BS, MS, PhD (Associate Graduate Director)
Inzlicht, Michael - BSc, MSc, PhD
Ito Lee, Rutsuko - BA, PhD
Johnson, Elizabeth - BA, MA, PhD
Joordens, Steve - BA, MA, PhD
Kim, Junchul - BSc, MSc, PhD
Latham, Gary - BA, MS, PhD
Lee, Andy C.H. - BA, PhD
Leonardelli, Geoffrey - BA, MA, PhD
Lockwood, Penelope - BA, MA, PhD
Mabbott, Donald - PhD
MacDonald, Geoffrey - BA, PhD
MacDonald, Suzanne - PhD
Mack, Meg Schlichting - BA, PhD
Malti, Tina - MA, MA, PhD, PhD
Martin, Loren - BSc, MSc, PhD
McGowan, Patrick - BSc, MA, PhD
Meltzer, Jed - BSc, PhD
Monks, Ashley - BSc, MA, PhD
Moscovitch, Morris - BSc, MA, PhD, Dr. Max and Gianna Glassman Chair in Neuropsychology
Neel, Rebecca - BA, MA, PhD
Niemeier, Matthias - MA, PhD
Olsen, Rosanna - BS, PhD
Page-Gould, Elizabeth - BS, PhD, CRC
Peterson, Jordan - BA, BA, PhD
Pichora-Fuller, Margaret Kathleen - AB, MS, DPhil
Plaks, Jason - BA, MA, MPH, PhD
Pratt, Jay - BA, MS, PhD
Ralph, Martin - BSc, PhD
Ronfard, Samuel - BA, MEd, MSc(T), EdD
Rule, Nicholas - AB, MS, PhD, CRC
Ruocco, Anthony Charles - BS, MSc, PhD
Schellenberg, Glenn - BSc, PhD
Schimmack, Ulrich - BA, MA, DPhil
Schmuckler, Mark - BA, PhD
Schneider, Bruce - BA, PhD
Sekuler, Allison - BA, PhD
Smith, Marylou - BSc, MSc, PhD
Sommerville, Jessica - PhD
Starmans, Christina - BA, MPH, MSc, PhD
Tafarodi, Romin - BA, PhD
Takehara, Kaori - BSc, MSc, PhD
Taylor, Margot - BA, MA, PhD
Troyer, Angela - BA, MA, PhD
VanderLaan, Doug - BA, MSc, PhD
Vartanian, Oshin - BSc, PhD
Welsh, Timothy - BPHE, MSc, PhD
Zakzanis, Konstantine - BA, MA, PhD
Zovkic, Iva - BA, MA, PhD

Members Emeriti

Bors, Douglas - BA, MA, PhD
Craik, Fergus - BSc, PhD
Freedman, Jonathan - AB, PhD
Grusec, Joan - BA, PhD
Hasher, Lynn - AB, PhD
Herman, C. Peter - BA, PhD
Kennedy, John - BSc, MSc, PhD
Lockhart, Robert - BA, MA, PhD
Polivy, Janet - BS, MA, PhD
Reingold, Eyal - BA, MA, PhD
Rovet, Joanne - BSc, PhD
Shettleworth, Sara - BA, MA, PhD
Stuss, Donald - BPhil, BA, MA, PhD
Trehub, Sandra - BComm, MA, PhD
Tulving, Endel - BA, MA, PhD
Walters, Gary - BA, PhD

Associate Members

Lai, Meng-Chuan - MD, PhD
Widjaja, Elysa - MSc, MPH, MBBS

Psychology: Psychology MA

Note: admissions to the Master of Arts program have been administratively suspended.

Master of Arts​

Program Description

The MA program is designed to provide students with rigorous scientific training in experimental psychology. The program is one year in duration, during which time students obtain instruction in statistics and research design, and carry out a research project that culminates in a written thesis and oral examination. Students admitted to the MA program are expected to continue to the PhD program.

Minimum Admission Requirements

  • Applicants are admitted under the General Regulations of the School of Graduate Studies. Applicants must also satisfy the Department of Psychology's additional admission requirements stated below.

  • Appropriate bachelor's degree from a recognized university with a minimum A– average (or first-class standing) in the last two undergraduate years, and the equivalent of 6.0 full-course equivalents (FCEs) in psychology including statistics and adequate research performance.

  • It is assumed that all students entering the MA program intend to continue in the PhD program.

Program Requirements

  • Courses and individual research training leading to a thesis.

  • In the MA year, students must complete 2.0 FCEs as follows:

    • ​​​PSY 1000H Directed Studies to prepare for the MA thesis research (0.5 FCE)

    • PSY 2001H Design of Experiments I, experimental design and statistics (0.5 FCE)

    • two half-course Psychology electives (1.0 FCE total).

  • MA thesis.

It is expected that following the MA year, students will proceed to the PhD program. To be eligible for admission, adequate research performance and at least an A– average are normally required.

Program Length

3 sessions full-time (typical registration sequence: F/W/S)

Time Limit

3 years full-time

Psychology: Psychology PhD

Doctor of Philosophy​

Program Description

The principal aim of the PhD program is to equip students with the skills to carry out advanced research within experimental psychology, and to become independent research scientists. Students work closely with a faculty adviser to develop and conduct a specialized (often multidisciplinary) program of research that ultimately culminates in a written dissertation and final oral examination. Through additional coursework and research opportunities, students gain breadth in their knowledge base and skill set in experimental psychology. The program is designed to prepare students for careers in academia, or a variety of non-academic careers where rigorous and in-depth research training is required.

Minimum Admission Requirements

  • Applicants are admitted under the General Regulations of the School of Graduate Studies. Applicants must also satisfy the Department of Psychology's additional admission requirements stated below.

  • Appropriate University of Toronto master's degree, or its equivalent from a recognized university, with a minimum A– average and adequate research performance.

Program Requirements

  • Individual programs of study are planned and include continuing research training with staff members. There is no language requirement.

  • PSY 3000H0 Research Project in Psychology, usually taken in PhD 1. This is a research project course supervised by a faculty member other than the student's PhD supervisor. It is a one-session course spread over PhD 1.

  • PSY 3001H Professional Psychology (Credit/No Credit), usually taken in PhD 1.

  • An advanced statistics course chosen from a list provided by the department (typically PSY 2002H Design of Experiments II, usually taken in PhD 1).

  • Two half course Psychology electives (1.0 FCE total).

  • PSY 4000H0 thesis proposal and oral exam (examination in the student's area of research).

  • PhD thesis.

  • Students may take other courses as they wish, but it is expected that the requirements will be completed in the first two years of the PhD program. Students admitted with a master's degree from another university will normally be required to fulfil the PhD requirements; however, exemptions may be granted by the Graduate Director of the Department of Psychology.

Program Length

4 years full-time

Time Limit

6 years full-time

0 Course that may continue over a program. The course is graded when completed.

Psychology: Psychology MA, PhD Courses

Not all courses are offered each year. For current offerings, consult with the graduate administrator.

​PSY 100​0H
Directed​ Studies
​PSY 1200H
​Selected Topics in Psychology
PSY 1210H
Selected Topics in Psychology
​PSY 1500H
Conceptual Bases of Psychology​
​PSY 2001H
Design of Experiments I​
​PSY 2002H
Design of Experiments II​
PSY 3000H0
Research Project in Psychology
PSY 3001H
Professional Psychology (Credit/No Credit)
PSY 4000H0
Specialization Study (Credit/No Credit)

Behavioural Neuroscience Core Courses

​PSY 5101H​
Mechanisms of Behaviour​
​PSY 5104H
​Neuropsychology Advanced Courses
​PSY 5110H
​Advanced Topics in Behavioural Neuroscience I
​PSY 5111H
​Advanced Topics in Behavioural Neuroscience II
​PSY 5112H
​Advanced Topics in Behavioural Neuroscience III
PSY 5121H​
​Advanced Topics in Animal Behaviour and Motivation II
​PSY 5130H
​Advanced Topics in Neuropsychology I
​​PSY 5132H
​Advanced Topics in Neuropsychology II

​Perception/Cognition/Cognitive Neuroscience Core Courses

​PSY 5201H​
​PSY 5203H
Higher Cognition​
​PSY 5204H
​PSY 5205H
​PSY 5210H
​Advanced Topics in Perception I
​PSY 5211H
​Advanced Topics in Perception II
​PSY 5212H
​Advanced Topics in Perception III
​PSY 5220H
Advanced Topics in Cognition I​
​PSY 5221H
Advanced Topics in Cognition II​
​PSY 5222H
Advanced Topics in Cognition III​

Developmental Psychology Core Courses

​PSY 5303H
Cognitive Development​
​PSY 5304H
Language Development​
​PSY 5305H
Social Development Advanced Courses​
​PSY 5310H
Advanced Topics in Development I​
​PSY 5311H
Advanced Topics in Development II​

​Social and Personality Core Courses

​PSY 5402H
​PSY 5403H
Social Cognition​
​PSY 5410H
​Advanced Topics in Abnormal I
​PSY 5411H
​Advanced Topics in Abnormal II
​PSY 5420H
​Advanced Topics in Personality I
​PSY 5421H
Advanced Topics in Personality II​
​​​PSY 5430H
​Advanced Topics in Social Psychology I
​PSY 5431H
​Advanced Topics in Social Psychology II
​PSY 5432H
​Advanced Topics in Social Psychology III
​PSY 5433H
​Advanced Topics in Social Psychology IV

Cross-Listed Courses

​JLP 2450H
​JNS 1000Y
​Fundamentals of Neuroscience: Systems and Behaviour
​JPM 1005Y
Behavioural Pharmacology​
​JPX 1001Y
Parenting: Multidisciplinary Perspectives​

0 Course that may continue over a program. The course is graded when completed, or credit is given when the course is completed.

+ Extended course. For academic reasons, coursework is extended into session following academic session in which course is offered.