Medical Science: Health Research GDipHR

Graduate Diploma in Health Research

Program Description

The Graduate Diploma in Health Research provides a select group of medical students high-quality training in health research in order to understand, interpret, and apply the rapid changes in the scientific underpinnings of health care. Future physicians will gain skills relevant to contributing to health-related studies in their future careers, some of whom will become leaders of health research. Taken concurrently with the MD program, the Graduate Diploma in Health Research aims to engage medical students in health research with the intent to develop applicable knowledge and skills that will inform and support a future career in any field of health research.

Minimum Admission Requirements

  • Diploma students must meet the School of Graduate Studies minimum admission requirements for master's-level diploma programs. Applicants must be enrolled, and in good academic standing, in Year 1 of the MD program of the Temerty Faculty of Medicine of the University of Toronto.

  • Applicants must submit the following:

    • curriculum vitae (CV)

    • a personal statement explaining their interest in the program

    • a description of a research project they are interested in

    • written confirmation of Good Standing in the MD program (letter from the program, signed by the Registrar or Vice-Dean

    • undergraduate and/or graduate academic transcripts.

Program Requirements

  • Students must complete a total of 2.5 full-course equivalents (FCEs) as follows:

    • Two required courses (2.0 FCEs):

      • MSC1991Y0Supervised Research Project (Credit/No Credit).

      • MSC1992Y0Research Skills for the Physician-Scientist (Credit/No Credit).

    • 0.5 elective FCE selected from an approved list. Substitution of any other graduate-level course relevant to the student's research course but not found on the approved list will require completion of a course exemption form signed by the Institute of Medical Science's Graduate Coordinator. The selection of the course will be done in consultation with the Program Director.

  • Students must maintain good academic standing in the MD program throughout.

Program Length

5 sessions part-time (W/S/F/W/S)

Time Limit

8 sessions part-time

0 Course that may continue over a program. Credit is given when the course is completed.