Music: Music Performance MMus; Field: Music Technology and Digital Media Courses

​MUS 3610H
​​​​Music Entrepreneurship​: Music and Cities
​MUS 3611H
Creative Applications of Technology I​
MUS 3612H
Creative Applications of Technology II (prerequisite: MUS 3611H)​​
​MUS 3613H
Musical Acoustics (exclusion: TMU 127H)​
​MUS 3614H
Sound Recording I​
MUS 3615H​
Sound Recording II (prerequisites: MUS 3611H and MUS 3614H)​​
​MUS 3616H
​Music Mixing and Production (prerequisites: MUS 3612H and MUS 3615H)
​MUS 3617H
Production for Multi-Channel Immersive Audio (prerequisites: MUS 3612H and MUS 3616H)​
​MUS 3618H
​Studio Orchestration and Arranging
​JDM 3619H
​Digital Media Distribution (Credit/No Credit)​
MUS 3624H Topics in Interactive Digital Media and Performance
MUS 3630H Interactive Music and Sound for Video Games
MUS 3632H Video for Intermedia Performance
​MUS 3666Y0
​Music Technology and Digital Media Major Project (Credit/No Credit)​​​
MUS 3806H Computer-Assisted Sound Design and Composition (prerequisites: MUS 3611H, MUS 3612H, or equivalent)

0 Course that may continue over a program. Credit is given when the course is completed.