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Environment and Sustainability


  • Concentrations:
    • Adaptation and Resilience;
    • Global Change Science;
    • Social Sustainability;
    • The Sustainability Transition


The goal at the School of the Environment is to create and interpret knowledge on environmental issues through outstanding academic programs, and to provide students with the skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to make a substantive difference in the world. We are focused on creating new knowledge, training future leaders, engaging and forging partnerships with the wider community, and contributing to positive environmental and social change from the local to the global scale.

The School of the Environment acts as a hub for researchers and students from many different disciplines spanning the social sciences, natural sciences, and humanities, bringing together many different perspectives to bear on today’s pressing environmental challenges. Faculty and instructors make up a diverse community collaborating across departments, schools, and Faculties at the University of Toronto and beyond.

Contact and Address

Web: environment.utoronto.ca/graduate/mes
Email: grad.director.env@utoronto.ca or grad.office.env@utoronto.ca

School of the Environment
University of Toronto
33 Willcocks Street, Suite 1016V
Toronto, Ontario, M5S 3E8

Environment: Graduate Faculty

Full Members

Abbatt, Jonathan - BSc, PhD
Abizaid, Christian - MA, PhD
Ackerman, Alan - BA, MA, PhD
Ahmed, Ishtiaque - PhD
Akrigg, Ben - BA, PhD
Allen, Grant - BASc, MASc, PhD
Andrews, Robert - BASc, MASc, PhD, PEng
Archontitsis, Georgios - BSc, MSc, PhD
Barrett, Spencer - BSc, PhD
Becker, Christoph - BSc, MSc, DSc
Bernstein, Steven - PhD
Boland, Alana - BA, MA, PhD
Bollmann, Jorg - DrRerNat
Brown, Laura - BSc, MSc, PhD
Bunce, Susannah - BA, MES, PhD
Caraway, Brett - BA, MA, PhD
Chan, Arthur - BS, MSc, PhD
Chen, Jing - BSc, PhD
Cole, Donald - MSc, MD
Coleman, Simon - BA, PhD
Conway, Tenley - BS, MS, PhD
Corey, Paul - BSc, MA, PhD
Corts, Kenneth - BA, MA, PhD
Cowling, Sharon - BSc, MSc, PhD
Cunningham, Hilary - BA, MA, PhD
Cyr, Helene - BSc, MSc, PhD
Daniere, Amrita - AB, PhD
Dei, George J.S. - BA, MA, PhD
Desloges, Joseph - BES, MSc, PhD
Dewar, Genevieve - BS, MA, PhD
Diamond, Miriam - MSc, MSc, PhD
Dittrich, Maria - BES, MSc, PhD
Donmez Akyildiz, Birsen - BS, MS, PhD
Drake, Jennifer Anne Pauline - BEng, MASc, PhD, PEng
Easterbrook, Steve - BSc, PhD (Director)
Edwards, Elizabeth - BEng, PhD
Ensminger, Ingo - PhD
Evans, Greg - PhD
Farber, Steven - BA, MA, PhD
Farnood, Ramin - BASc, MASc, PhD
Finkelstein, Sarah - AB, MPH, PhD
Franklin, Meredith - BSc, MSc, PhD
Gough, William - BSc, MSc, PhD
Green, Jessica - PhD, PhD
Gross, Mart - BSc, PhD
Harvey, Danny - BSc, MSc, PhD
Hatzopoulou, Marianne - BSc, BSc, MSc, MSc, PhD, PhD, PhD
He, Yuhong - PhD
Hirsh, Jacob - BSc, MA, PhD
Hoffmann, Matthew - BSc, PhD
Howard, Ken - BSc, MSc, PhD
Isaac, Marney Elizabeth - BS, MES, PhD
Jackson, Donald - BSc, MSc, PhD
Jia, Charles - BEng, MEng, PhD
Jones, Dylan - BA, SM, PhD
Kant, Shashi - BE, MA, PhD
Karney, Bryan - BSc, MEng, PhD, PEng
Kepe, Thembela - MS, PhD
Kesik, Ted - BASc, MASc, DPhil
Klenk, Nicole - BS, MSc, PhD
Kotanen, Peter - BSc, MSc, PhD
Kramarz, Teresa - MSc, PhD
Krkosek, Marty - BSc, PhD, CRC
Kushner, Paul - BSc, MSc, PhD
Lee, Sherry - BMus, MMus, PhD
Lehnherr, Igor - BSc, PhD
Leos Barajas, Vianey - BSc, PhD
Mabury, Scott - BS, PhD
Maclaren, Virginia - BA, MRP, MSc, PhD
MacLean, Heather L. - BASc, MASc, MBA, PhD, PEng
Mahrt-Smith, Jan - BSc, PhD
Malcolm, Jay - BSc, MSc, PhD
Margolis, Liat - BFA, MLA
McCarney, Patricia - BA, MCP, PhD
McCauley, Shannon - PhD
Miall, Andrew - BSc, PhD
Miller, Eric - BASc, MASc, PhD
Miller, Fiona - BIS, MA, DPhil
Mitchell, Carl - PhD
Moore, G.W.K. - BSc, PhD
Morris, Hanna - PhD
Most, Andrea - BA, MA, PhD
Mudliar, Praneeta - MSc, PhD
Murphy, Jennifer - BCh, DChem
Murphy, Michelle - BA, PhD
Neville, Kate - PhD, PhD
Olive, Andrea - PhD
Passeport, Elodie - MSc, MSc, PhD
Peltier, W. Richard - BSc, MSc, PhD, FRSC
Poland, Blake - BA, PhD
Prudham, Scott - BASc, BA, MA, PhD
Rajkumar-Maharaj, Tegan - PhD
Robinson, John - BA, BA, MES, MES, PhD, PhD
Rochman, Chelsea - BS, PhD
Rodd, Helen - MSc, PhD
Sage, Rowan - PhD
Sain, Mohini - PhD
Sass-Kortsak, Andrea - BSc, MHSc, PhD
Satsuka, Shiho - BA, BA, MA, PhD
Sawchuk, Lawrence - BA, MA, PhD
Saxe, Shoshanna - MSc, PhD
Scharper, Stephen - BA, MA, PhD
Sharma, Sarah - BA, MA, PhD
Sherwood Lollar, Barbara - PhD
Simpson, Andre - BSc, PhD
Simpson, Myrna - BS, DPhil
Singh, Neera - BSc, MF, PhD
Skogstad, Grace - DrRerPol
Smith, C. Tattersall - BA, MS, PhD
Smith, Sandy - BAgrSc, MSc, PhD
Soden, Robert - PhD
Soldovieri, Stefan - BA, MA, PhD
Strong, Kimberly - BSc, DPhil, FRSC
Swenson, Edward - BA, MA, PhD
Tarlo, Susan - MBBS
Teichman, Judith Ann - BA, MA, PhD
Teichroeb, Julie - BSc, MA, PhD
Thomas, Sean - BA, PhD
Tozer, Laura Molly - BSc, MA, PhD
Upshur, Ross Edward - BA, MA, MSc, MD
Vanderburg, Willem - BASc, MASc, PhD, PEng
Vieta, Marcelo A. - BA, MA, PhD
Wakefield, Sarah - BA, MA, PhD
Walker, Kaley - BSc, PhD
Walks, Alan - BA, MA, PhD
Walsh, Denis - BA, BSc, MPH, PhD, PhD
Wania, Frank - MPH, PhD
Wells, Peter - BScPhm, DP
Wilson, Kathleen - AB, AM, PhD
Windisch, Marianne Touchie - BASc, PhD
Wiseman, Clare - BES, MSc, ScD
Wunch, Debra - BSc, MSc, PhD
Yatchew, Adonis - BA, MA, PhD
Yoreh, Tanhum - PhD (Graduate Associate Director)

Members Emeriti

Fulthorpe, Roberta - BSc, MSc, PhD
Martell, David - BASc, MASc, PhD
Regier, Henry - BA, MS, PhD
Savan, Beth - BSc, PhD
Stefanovic, Ingrid - BA, MA, PhD

Associate Members

Appolloni, Simon - PhD
Bass, Brad - BSc, MSc, PhD
Bowman, Kerry - BA, BSW, MSW, PhD
Classens, Michael - AB, AM, DScA
D'eon, Jessica - PhD
Green, Andrew - LLB, BA, LLM, MA, PhD, Metcalf Chair in Environmental Law
Helm, Paul - BSc, MASc, DChem
Ing, Karen - MS
Jeffrey, Melanie - PhD, PhD
Newman, Daniel - DLitt
Ratto, Matt - PhD
Richter, Lauren - BA, MA, PhD
Smith, Karen Louise - BSc, MASc, MASc, PhD
Wagner, Helene - MSc, MSc, PhD

Environment: Environment and Sustainability MES

Master of Environment and Sustainability

Program Description

The Master of Environment and Sustainability (MES) is a full-time, one-year program designed for students seeking the transdisciplinary research skills needed to understand and develop solutions to the many environmental and human well-being challenges and opportunities facing us in the 21st century. The transdisciplinary perspective means research 1) that is problem focussed, rather than discipline-focussed, starting from problems in the world and working back to the knowledge required to address those problems; and 2) involves active engagement with non-academic partners in active processes of co-production of knowledge.

The program builds on the strengths of the School of Environment’s undergraduate programs and its two interdisciplinary graduate collaborative specializations in Environmental Studies and Environment and Health. Upon graduation, MES students will have acquired a transdisciplinary perspective on environmental issues, learned to use methodologies and tools relevant to environmental protection and sustainability solutions, and will be well prepared for a variety of careers in the private and public sectors or for further studies at the doctoral level.

Minimum Admission Requirements

  • Applicants are admitted under the General Regulations of the School of Graduate Studies. Applicants must also satisfy the School of the Environment's additional admission requirements stated below.

  • An appropriate honours bachelor's degree (HBSc or HBA) that includes at least a minor in environment, sustainability, or a closely related field from a recognized university with a minimum standing equivalent to at least a University of Toronto B+ in each of the final two years of study.

  • Applicants should have completed a combination of major(s) and minor(s) spanning more than one discipline or have equivalent interdisciplinary experience.

  • A letter of intent.

  • Two letters of reference.

Program Requirements

  • Coursework. Students must successfully complete a total of 4.0 full-course equivalents (FCEs) as follows. Students will undertake research leading to the preparation of a thesis.

    • 1.5 FCEs in core courses:

      • ENV1103H Living Labs for Applied Sustainability

      • ENV1197H Research in Environment and Sustainability, Part 1

      • ENV1198H Research in Environment and Sustainability, Part 2

    • 1.0 FCE thesis: ENV1199Y (Credit/No Credit)

    • 1.5 FCEs in electives chosen from the list below, from one of four concentrations.

Program Length

3 sessions full-time (typical registration sequence: F/W/S)

Time Limit

3 years full-time

Environment: Environment and Sustainability MES Courses

Core Courses

2.5 full-course equivalents (FCEs):

Course Code Course Title
Living Labs for Applied Sustainability
Research in Environment and Sustainability, Part 1
Research in Environment and Sustainability, Part 2 (prerequisite: ENV1197H)
Thesis (Credit/No Credit; prerequisites: ENV1197H and ENV1198H)

Elective Courses

1.5 FCEs chosen from one of the following concentrations:

Concentration 1: Adaptation and Resilience

Course Code Course Title
CHL5413H Public Health Sanitation
CHL5903H Environmental Health
CHL5910H Occupational and Environmental Hygiene I
CHL5911H Occupational and Environmental Hygiene II
CSC2720H Systems Thinking for Global Problems
EES1136H Climate Change Adaptation
ENV1001H Environmental Decision Making
ENV1111H Special Topics in Adaptation and Resilience
ENV1703H Water Resource Management and Policy
ENV1704H Environmental Risk Analysis and Management
ENV4002H The Environment and Health of Vulnerable Populations
FOR1416H Forest Fire Danger Rating
FOR1575H Urban Forest Conservation
JGE1425H Livelihoods, Poverty, and Environment in the Developing Countries
JNC2503H Environmental Pathways
JPG1404H Issues in Global Warming
JPG1428H Greening the City: Urban Environmental Planning and Management
PLA1601H Environmental Planning in a Changing Climate

Concentration 2: Global Change Science

Course Code Course Title
ANT4065H Specific Problems: New World
CHE1435H Fundamentals of Aerosol Physics and Chemistry
CHM1401H Transport and Fate of Chemical Species in the Environment
CHM1410H Analytical Environmental Chemistry
CHM1420H Environmental Chemistry of Soil
CHM1425H Modelling the Fate of Organic Chemicals in The Environment
ENV1001H Environmental Decision Making
ENV1005H Ecological Statistics
ENV1007H The Warming Papers: The Scientific Foundation of Climate Change
ENV1112H Special Topics in Global Change Science
ESS1461H Paleoenvironmental Studies
ESS2303H Earth Systems Evolution
FOR3000H Current Issues in Forest Conservation
PHY1498H Introduction to Atmospheric Physics
PHY2502H Climate System Dynamics
PHY2504H Advanced Atmospheric Dynamics
PHY2505H Atmospheric Radiative Transfer and Remote Sounding
PHY2506H Data Assimilation and Retrieval Theory

Concentration 3: Social Sustainability

Course Code Course Title
ANT3034H Advanced Research Seminar IV
ANT6018H Approaches to Nature and Culture
ENV1001H Environmental Decision Making
Worldviews and Ecology
ENV1063H The Edible Campus (exclusion: ENV463H)
ENV1113H Special Topics in Social Sustainability
Capitalist Nature
Environmental Law
Graduate Seminar in Environment and Health
ENV4002H The Environment and Health of Vulnerable Populations
Livelihoods, Poverty, and Environment in the Developing Countries
JPG1426H Natural Resources, Difference, and Conflict
JPG1518H Sustainability and Urban Communities
LHA1193H Adult Education for Sustainability
POL2213H Global Environmental Politics
SJE1909H Environmental Sustainability and Social Justice I

Concentration 4: The Sustainability Transition

Course Code Course Title
CIV1307H Life Cycle Assessment and Sustainability of Engineering Activities
ENV1001H Environmental Decision Making
ENV1002H Environmental Policy
ENV1003H Global Climate Politics and Policy
ENV1114H Special Topics in the Sustainability Transition
ENV1444H Capitalist Nature
ENV1707H Climate Finance
FOR1270H Forest Biomaterial Sciences: Fundamentals, Applications, and the Next Frontier
FOR1288H Design and Manufacturing of Biomaterials
FOR1294H Bioenergy and Biorefinery Technology
FOR1610H Sustainable Forest Management and Certification (exclusion: JFG1610H)
GGR1407H Efficient Use of Energy (exclusion: GGR347H1)
GGR1408H Carbon-Free Energy (exclusions: GGR1406H, GGR348H1)
JPG1518H Sustainability and Urban Communities