Psychology: Psychology MA

Master of Arts​

Program Description

The MA program is designed to provide students with rigorous scientific training in experimental psychology. The program is one year in duration, during which time students obtain instruction in statistics and research design, and carry out a research project that culminates in a written thesis and oral examination. Students admitted to the MA program are expected to continue to the PhD program.


Minimum Admission Requirements

  • Applicants are admitted under the General Regulations of the School of Graduate Studies. Applicants must also satisfy the Department of Psychology's additional admission requirements stated below.

  • Appropriate bachelor's degree from a recognized university with a minimum A– average (or first-class standing) in the last two undergraduate years, and the equivalent of 6.0 full-course equivalents (FCEs) in psychology including statistics and some laboratory experience.

  • It is assumed that all students entering the MA program intend to continue in the PhD program.

Program Requirements

  • Courses and individual research training leading to a thesis.

  • In the MA year, students must complete 2.0 FCEs as follows:

    • ​​​PSY 1000H Directed Studies to prepare for the MA thesis research (0.5 FCE)

    • PSY 2001H Design of Experiments I, experimental design and statistics (0.5 FCE)

    • two half-course Psychology electives (1.0 FCE total).

  • MA thesis.

It is expected that following the MA year, students will proceed to the PhD program. To be eligible for admission, adequate research performance and at least an A- average are normally required.


Program Length

3 sessions full-time (typical registration sequence: F/W/S)

Time Limit

3 years full-time