Physical Therapy: Physical Therapy MScPT Courses

Required Courses

See amendment made on August 30, 2019.

​PHT 1101H (0.5 FCE)
Clinical Foundations of Physical Therapy​
PHT 1102Y (3.0 FCEs)
Physical Therapy Practice I
​PHT 1103Y (3.0 FCEs)
Physical Therapy Practice​ II
PHT 1104Y+ (3.0 FCEs)
Physical Therapy Practice III
​PHT 1105Y (0.75 FCE)
​Clinical Internship I (Honours/Pass/Fail)
​PHT 1106H (0.5 FCE)
​Advanced Critical Thinking in Physical Therapy
​PHT 1107H (0.5 FCE)
​Scholarly Practice I
​PHT 1108Y (0.75 FCE)
Clinical Internship II (Honours/Pass/Fail)
​PHT 1109Y (0.75 FCE)
​Clinical Internship III (Honours/Pass/Fail)
​PHT 1110Y (3.0 FCEs)
​Physical Therapy Practice IV
​PHT 1111H (0.5 FCE)
​Selected Topics in Physical Therapy
PHT 1112Y (0.75 FCE)
Clinical Internship IV (Honours/Pass/Fail)
​PHT 1113Y (1.0 FCE)
​Scholarly Practice II and III
​PHT 1114Y (0.75 FCE)
​Clinical Internship V (Honours/Pass/Fail)

+ Extended course. For academic reasons, coursework is extended into session following academic session in which course is offered.

Elective Course​s

​PHT 1015Y
​Clinical Internship—Physical Therapy Practice (Honours/Pass/Fail)
(PHT 1015Y may replace any one of PHT 1005Y, PHT 1008Y, PHT 1009Y, PHT 1012Y, or PHT 1014Y.)
PHT 1016H
Evidence Based Practice in Physical Therapy