Management, Rotman School: Management MBA Full-Time Courses

Required Courses to be Completed in Year 1

Weighting for 1000-level courses is determined by the second digit of the four-digit course number as follows:

Second-Digit Course Weight

one credit hour
two credit hours
three credit hours


RSM 1165H Leveraging Diverse Teams (Credit/No Credit)
RSM 1201H Fundamentals of Strategic Management
RSM 1210H
Managerial Economics
RSM 1211H Economic Environment of Business
RSM 1215H Decision Making with Models and Data
RSM 1220H Financial Accounting and Reporting: A Global Perspective
RSM 1222H
Managerial Accounting
RSM 1231H Finance I: Global Markets and Valuation
RSM 1232H
Finance II: Corporate Finance
RSM 1240H Operations Management
RSM 1250H Managing Customer Value
RSM 1260H Leading People in Organizations
RSM 1282H Statistics for Management

In addition to the above Year 1 courses, three 2000-level elective courses must also be taken in Year 1.

Required Courses to be Completed After Year 1

RSM 1160H Business Ethics
RSM 1380H
RSM 1381H
Applied Management: Placement
Applied Management: Independent Study
Ten 2000-level elective courses  

Elective Courses for the Full-Time and Morning/Evening MBA Programs

Not all courses are offered every year. Consult the department each session about course offerings.

RSM 2000H
Multi-disciplinary Special Topics
RSM 2002Y
Research Project
RSM 2003H
Research Project
RSM 2008H Creative Destruction Lab Intro
RSM 2011H
International Strategy
RSM 2012H
RSM 2013Y Creative Destruction Lab Advanced (prerequisite: RSM 2008H)
RSM 2015H Non-Market Strategy
RSM 2016H Data-Based Strategic Modelling
RSM 2017H
Pharmaceutical Strategy
RSM 2018H
Strategy in Emerging Markets
RSM 2019H
Corporation 360
RSM 2020H
Health Sector Strategy and Organizations
RSM 2021H
Corporate Strategy
RSM 2023H
Strategic Change and Implementation
RSM 2030H
Canadian Business History
RSM 2052H
Management Consulting
RSM 2054H
Technology Strategy
RSM 2055H
Cooperative Strategy
RSM 2056H
Competitive Strategic Analysis
RSM 2058H
Communicating Strategy
RSM 2059H
Healthcare and Life Sciences Consulting: Field Application Project
RSM 2060H
Digital Strategy
RSM 2061H
Strategic Networks
RSM 2062H
Management Consulting Practicum
RSM 2063H
Catastrophic Failure in Organizations
RSM 2081H
Social Entrepreneurship
RSM 2083H Special Topics in Strategic Management
RSM 2085H Healthcare Innovation
RSM 2087H Multi-Disciplinary Special Topics
RSM 2088H Designing for Equality
RSM 2099H Special Topics in Strategic Management
RSM 2109H
Rotman Study Tour
RSM 2113H Model-Based Decision Making in Practice
RSM 2116H
Special Topics in Business Economics
RSM 2120H
Health Policy and Health Care Markets
RSM 2122H
Clean Energy: Policy Context and Business Opportunities
RSM 2123H
International Business in the World Economy
RSM 2125H
Game Theory and Applications for Management
RSM 2126H
Real Estate Development
RSM 2127H
Economic Environment of International Business
RSM 2128H
Real Estate Economics
RSM 2129H
Forecasting Models and Econometric Methods
RSM 2130H
Real Estate Investment
RSM 2132H
Business and the City
RSM 2203H
Current Issues in Financial Reporting and Disclosure
RSM 2204H
Taxation and Decision-Making
RSM 2209H
Financial Statement Analysis
RSM 2210H
Financial Distress and Insolvency
RSM 2211H
Business Law
RSM 2212H
Business Analysis and Valuation
RSM 2300H
Corporate Financing
RSM 2301H
Financial Management
RSM 2302H
Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
RSM 2303H Risk Modelling and Financial Trading Strategies
RSM 2304H Financial Institutions and Capital Markets
RSM 2305H
International Financial Management
RSM 2306H
Options and Futures Markets
RSM 2307H Advanced Derivatives
RSM 2308H
Financial Risk Management
RSM 2309H
Mergers and Acquisitions
RSM 2310H
Analysis and Management of Fixed Income Securities
RSM 2312H
Value Investing
RSM 2314H
Private Equity and Entrepreneurial Finance
RSM 2315H
Management of Private Wealth
RSM 2316H
Introduction to Hedge Funds and Broker Dealers
RSM 2317H How Banks Work: Management in a New Technological Age
RSM 2318H Special Topics in Finance
RSM 2319H
The Revolution in Finance: Markets, Institutions, and Organizations
RSM 2320H
The Canadian and American Financial Systems — Comparisons and Contrasts
RSM 2321H
Special Topics in Finance
RSM 2326H How Banks Work: Management in a New Technological Age
RSM 2327H Islamic Finance in Canada
RSM 2401H Data and Information Management for Business Analytics
RSM 2405H
Supply Chain Management
RSM 2406H
Operations Management Strategy
RSM 2407H
Services Operations Management
RSM 2408H
Modeling and Optimization for Decision Making
RSM 2409H Management Analytics
RSM 2410H Analytics and Operations Consulting
RSM 2415H
Special Topics in Management Science
RSM 2416H Special Topics in Operations Management
RSM 2417H Special Topics in Operations Management
RSM 2500H
Marketing Strategy
RSM 2504H
Consumer Behaviour
RSM 2505H
Strategic Marketing Communications
RSM 2506H
Marketing Research
RSM 2508H
Sales Management
RSM 2511H
Fintech Marketing: Innovation in the Marketing of Financial Services
RSM 2512H
RSM 2513H
RSM 2515H
Special Topics in Marketing
RSM 2516H
Special Topics in Marketing
RSM 2517H
Design, Foresight, and Innovation
RSM 2518H
Special Topics in Marketing
RSM 2519H
Managing Customer Value 2.0
RSM 2520H
Special Topics in Marketing
RSM 2521H
Marketing Using Information Technology
RSM 2522H
Marketing and Behavioural Economics
RSM 2523H Business Design Fundamentals
RSM 2524H
Business Design Practicum
RSM 2525H One to One Marketing
RSM 2530H Special Topics in Marketing
RSM 2531H Special Topics in Marketing
RSM 2532H Special Topics in Marketing
RSM 2601H
Organization Design
RSM 2603H
Advanced Negotiations and Conflict Management
RSM 2604H Managerial Negotiations
RSM 2606H
Designing New Work Organizations
RSM 2609H
Aligning People and Strategy
RSM 2612H
Managing Talent for Global Operations
RSM 2615H Special Topics in Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management
RSM 2618H
The Socially Intelligent Manager
RSM 2619H
Power and Influence in Organizations
RSM 2620H
Leading Teams
RSM 2621H
Effective Leadership
RSM 2625H Business Problem Solving: A Model-Based Approach
RSM 2640H Leading Social Innovation
RSM 2700H Independent Study Project (Honours/Pass/Fail)
RSM 2701H Global Consulting Project (Honours/Pass/Fail)
RSM 2702H OnBoard (Honours/Pass/Fail)
RSM 2703H CityLab (Honours/Pass/Fail)
RSM 2705H C-Suite (Honours/Pass/Fail)
RSM 2709H Global Practicum (Honours/Pass/Fail)
RSM 2913H
Getting It Done®
RSM 2918H
Multidisciplinary Special Topics
RSM 2920H
Top Manager’s Perspective
RSM 2922H
The Opposable Mind
RSM 2923H
Business Problem Solving
JDM 3619H
Digital Media Distribution (Credit/No Credit)