Management, Rotman School: Management MBA Full-Time Courses

Required Courses to be Completed in Year 1

Weighting for 1000-level courses is determined by the second digit of the four-digit course number as follows:

Second-Digit Course Weight

​o​ne credit hour​
two credit hours​
three credit hours​


RSM 1165H Leveraging Diverse Teams (Credit/No Credit)
RSM 1201H Fundamentals of Strategic Management​
​RSM 1210H
Managerial Economics​
RSM 1211H Economic Environment of Business​
RSM 1215H Decision Making​ with Models and Data
RSM 1220H Financial Accounting and Reporting: A Global Perspective
​RSM 1222H
Managerial Accounting​
RSM 1231H Finance I: Global Markets and Valuation
​RSM 1232H
Finance II: Corporate Finance​
RSM 1240H Operations Management
RSM 1250H Managing Customer Value
RSM 1260H Leading People in Organizations
RSM 1282H Statistics for Management

In addition to the above Year 1 courses, three 2000-level elective courses must also be taken in Year 1.

Required Courses to be Completed After Year 1

RSM 1160H Business Ethics
RSM 1213H Model-Based Decision Making in Practice
​RSM 1380H
RSM 1381H
​Applied Management: Placement
Applied Management: Independent Study
Nine 2000-level elective courses  

Elective Courses for the Full-Time and Morning/Evening MBA Programs

Not all courses are offered every year. Consult the department each session about course offerings.

​R​SM 20​00H
​Multi-disciplinary Special Topics​
​RSM 2002Y
Research Project​
​RSM 2003H
Research Project​
RSM 2008H Creative Destruction Lab Intro
​RSM 2011H
International Strategy​​
​RSM 2012H
RSM 2013Y Creative Destruction Lab Advanced (prerequisite: RSM 2008H)
RSM 2014H Sustainability Strategy
​RSM 2015H
Non-Market Strategy​
RSM 2016H Data-Based Strategic Modelling
​​RSM 2017H
Pharmaceutical Strategy​
​RSM 2018H
Emerging Markets​ Strategy
​RSM 2019H
​Corporation 360
​RSM 2020H
​Health Sector Strategy and Organizations
​RSM 2021H
​Corporate Strategy
​RSM 2022H
​Creative Industry Strategy
​RSM 2023H
​Strategic Change and Implementation
​RSM 2027H
​Not-for-Profit Consulting
​RSM 2030H
​Canadian Business History
​RSM 2050H
​Technology/Management Interface
​RSM 2052H
​Management Consulting
​RSM 2053H
​Organizational Strategy
​RSM 2054H
​Technology Strategy
​RSM 2055H
​Cooperative Strategy
​RSM 2056H
​Competitive Strategic Analysis
​RSM 2057H
​Entrepreneurial Finance
​RSM 2058H
​Communicating Strategy
​RSM 2059H
​Health Systems Consulting
​RSM 2060H
​Digital Strategy
​RSM 2061H
​Strategic Networks​
​RSM 2062H
​Management Consulting Practicum
​RSM 2063H
Catastrophic Failure in Organizations
​​​RSM 2081H
​Social Entrepreneurship
RSM 2083H Special Topics in Strategic Management
RSM 2087H Multi-Disciplinary Special Topics
​RSM 2109H
​Rotman Study Tour
​RSM 2115H
​Creative Regional Strategies
​RSM 2116H
​Special Topics in Business Economics
​RSM 2117H
​Special Topics in Business Economics
​RSM 2118H
Special Topics in Business Economics
​RSM 2119H
​Special Topics in Business Economics
​RSM 2120H
​Health Policy and Health Care Markets
​RSM 2122H
​Clean Energy: Policy Context and Business Opportunities
​RSM 2123H
​International Business in the World Economy
​RSM 2125H
​Game Theory and Applications for Management
​RSM 2126H
​Real Estate Development
​RSM 2127H
​Economic Environment of International Business
​RSM 2128H
​Real Estate Economics
​RSM 2129H
​Forecasting Models and Econometric Methods
​RSM 2130H
​Real Estate Investment
​RSM 2131H
​Economics of Innovation and Intellectual Property
​RSM 2132H
​Prosperity and Competitiveness
​RSM 2140H
​Special Topics in Business Economics
​RSM 2141H
​Special Topics in Business Economics
​RSM 2142H
​Special Topics in Business Economics
​RSM 2202H
​Planning and Control Systems
​RSM 2203H
​Current Issues in Financial Reporting and Disclosure
​RSM 2204H
​Taxation and Decision-Making
​RSM 2209H
​Financial Statement Analysis
​RSM 2210H
​Financial Distress and Insolvency
​RSM 2211H
​Business Law
​RSM 2212H
​Business Analysis and Valuation
​RSM 2215H
​Special Topics in Accounting
​RSM 2216H
​Special Topics in Accounting
​RSM 2300H
​Corporate Financing
​RSM 2301H
​Financial Management
​RSM 2302H
​Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
RSM 2303H Risk Modelling and Financial Trading Strategies
RSM 2304H Financial Institutions and Capital Markets
​RSM 2305H
​International Financial Management
​RSM 2306H
​Options and Futures Markets
RSM 2307H Advanced Derivatives
​RSM 2308H
​Financial Risk Management
​RSM 2309H
​Mergers and Acquisitions
​RSM 2310H
​Analysis and Management of Fixed Income Securities
​RSM 2311H
​Applied Portfolio Management
​RSM 2312H
​Value Investing​
​RSM 2314H
​Private Equity and Entrepreneurial Finance
​RSM 2315H
​Management of Private Wealth
​RSM 2316H
​Introduction to Hedge Funds and Broker Dealers
RSM 2317H How Banks Work: Management in a New Technological Age
RSM 2318H Special Topics in Finance
​RSM 2319H
​The Revolution in Finance: Markets, Institutions, and Organizations
​RSM 2320H
​The Canadian and American Financial Systems—​Comparisons and Contrasts
​RSM 2321H
​Special Topics in Finance
RSM 2326H How Banks Work: Management in a New Technological Age
RSM 2327H Islamic Finance in Canada
​RSM 2405H
​Supply Chain Management
​RSM 2406H
​Operations Management Strategy
​RSM 2407H
​Services Operations Management
​RSM 2408H
​The Art of Modeling Spreadsheets
RSM 2409H Management Analytics
RSM 2410H Analytics and Operations Consulting
​RSM 2415H
​Special Topics in Management Science
RSM 2416H Special Topics in Operations Management
RSM 2417H Special Topics in Operations Management
​RSM 2500H
​Marketing Strategy
​RSM 2501H
​Global Marketing
​RSM 2504H
​Consumer Behaviour
​RSM 2505H
​Strategic Marketing Communications
​RSM 2506H
​Marketing Research
​RSM 2507H
​Marketing Analysis and Decision Making
​RSM 2508H
​Sales Management
​RSM 2510H
​Distribution Channel Strategy
​RSM 2511H
​Fintech Marketing: Innovation in the Marketing of Financial Services​
​RSM 2512H
​RSM 2513H
​RSM 2514H
​Healthcare Marketing
​RSM 2515H
​Special Topics in Marketing
​RSM 2516H
​Special Topics in Marketing
​RSM 2517H
​Design, Foresight, and Innovation
​RSM 2518H
​Special Topics in Marketing
​RSM 2519H
​Managing Customer Value 2.0
​RSM 2520H
​Special Topics in Marketing
​RSM 2521H
​Marketing Using Information Technology
​RSM 2522H
Marketing and Behavioural Economics
​RSM 2524H
​Business Design Practicum
RSM 2530H Special Topics in Marketing
RSM 2531H Special Topics in Marketing
RSM 2532H Special Topics in Marketing
​RSM 2601H
​Organization Design
​RSM 2603H
​Advanced Negotiations and Conflict Management
RSM 2604H Managerial Negotiations
​RSM 2605H
​International Organizational Behaviour
​RSM 2606H
​Designing New Work Organizations
​RSM 2609H
​Aligning People and Strategy
​RSM 2610H
​Industrial Relations
​RSM 2612H
​Managing Talent for Global Operations
​RSM 2616H
​Special Topics in Organizational Behaviour
​RSM 2618H
​Special Topics in Organizational Behaviour
​RSM 2619H
​Power and Influence in Organizations
​RSM 2620H
​Leading Teams
​RSM 2621H
​Effective Leadership
RSM 2640H Leading Social Innovation
RSM 2700H Independent Study Project (Honours/Pass/Fail)
RSM 2701H Global Consulting Project (Honours/Pass/Fail)
RSM 2702H OnBoard (Honours/Pass/Fail)
RSM 2703H CityLab (Honours/Pass/Fail)
RSM 2705H C-Suite (Honours/Pass/Fail)
RSM 2709H Global Practicum (Honours/Pass/Fail)
​RSM 2800H
​Management Science
​RSM 2910H
​Learning How to Learn
​RSM 2913H
​Getting It Done®
​RSM 2916H
​Leadership from the Inside Out
​RSM 2917H
​Multidisciplinary Special Topics
​RSM 2918H
​Multidisciplinary Special Topics
​RSM 2920H
​Top Manager’s Perspective
​RSM 2922H
​The Opposable Mind
​RSM 2923H
​Business Problem Solving
​​JDM 3619H
​Digital Media Distribution (Credit/No Credit)